We Produce Healthy, Sustainable, Organic Products

Our mission at Kroll Farms is to make homegrown products and services available to you and your family. We promote the values of sustainable, organic agriculture as a way to provide for ourselves and others. Knowing how, where, and by who your food has been produced is very important in a world that employs an impersonal, industrialized method of food production. We’re here to help revitalize local production by the small farmer.

We’re Evolving and Learning

As a family, we have discovered the satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from producing our own food. Part of this satisfaction comes from providing for yourself while doing what you love and the other part comes from utilizing the resources and space you have to make your lifestyle more sustainable. The former point is accomplished by the sweat on your brow, while the latter requires thought, planning, and research. We’re always looking for ways to increase the diversity of our products so that our farm becomes more cyclic.