Two Companies Make Our Organic Soil

Our compost operation is a unique partnership between an excavation company and a ranch both owned by Tom and Lisa Kroll here in New Richmond, WI. In the early 80s, Tom and Lisa started a successful excavating business all while keeping a hobby farm with a few horses. With the economic downturn of the 2000s, excavating became less lucrative. The company downsized, and the farm grew. Tom kept busy running the excavating company by himself while Lisa decided to turn the hobby farm into a successful horse operation called Kroll Performance Horses. In the beginning, all the manure from the stalls and paddocks would get put into windrows for composting. Once mature, the compost would then get applied to the hay fields and garden. We saw how plants flourished in the compost and decided that we should market it to others. The excavating business had sold pulverized top soil in the past, so we decided to sell compost in conjunction with the top soil.